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How It Works

How it Works

You have a dream. Maybe this dream is to buy a house for your family. Maybe you just want to escape the burden of too much debt. These are daunting tasks to tackle by yourself. Two obstacles may be standing in your way: your lack of a household budget and your less-than-perfect credit record. The Find Financial Freedom program will guide you as you work to build a budget and improve your credit.

The program provides this guidance in three ways. Its educational component consists of two training modules that will teach you about managing your budget and managing your credit. It also provides a set of activities that step you through the actual processes. Its coaching component consists of guidance and assistance from a coach.

The Education

The Financial Freedom Island Cruise is an online board game consisting of the Household Budgeting and Credit Counseling modules. The seven Household Budgeting and four Credit Counseling lessons are each represented by an island. To cross each island, you answer questions and study the content. As you answer questions, you earn game dollars you can use later to purchase a game house and car.

The Activities

Outside of the game, you will complete one or two activities for each lesson. These activities are designed to help you to reach your goals. For instance, you will conduct a family meeting, track your expenses, get copies of your credit reports, and track your credit scores as you improve your credit record.


When you sign up, you’ll be assigned a coach. Your coach will answer your questions and provide guidance via the message center.

When you are finished, you will have:

  1. One or more financial savings goals
  2. A family budget
  3. A plan for reducing your debt and reaching your goals
  4. Strategies for protecting your identity